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This section presents tourism articles in a developmental and environmental context, the bi-monthly bulletin Southeast Asia Tourism Monitor that monitors tourism development in Southeast Asia, as well as tourism-related statements and action alerts. It focuses on tourism issues affecting local communities and the natural environment and highlights voices who usually have little opportunity to influence policy-making structures.

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t.i.m.-team was formed in 1994 as an independent research and monitoring initiative to provide information for public use and to engage in campaigns for social and ecological justice in tourism and development.

t.i.m.-team has been active in the Global Anti-Golf Movement (GAG'M) by contributing research and documentation on golf and tourism-related developments worldwide.

t.i.m.-team produces the newsletter new frontiers which highlights the issues of tourism, development and environment in the Southeast Asian Mekong sub-region.

t.i.m.-team critically reviews concepts and policies promoting 'alternative' forms of tourism, projected as responsible, sustainable, eco-, fair, etc.

t.i.m.-team is coordinated by Anita Pleumarom who has worked with public interest groups and as an author based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Contact: P.O.Box 51 Chorakhebua, Bangkok 10230, Thailand, Fax:66-2-519.2821

Southeast Asia Tourism Monitor (sea-tm) - This bi-monthly newsletter takes a critical look at tourism policies and practices in Southeast Asia as well as in southern China. It particularly highlights people-centred perspectives aimed to advance civil rights, social and economic equity, cultural integrity, ecological sustainability and climate justice.

tim-teamís Clearinghouse
Clearinghouse SPECIAL:

New Frontiers: Briefings on tourism, development and environment issues in the Mekong Subregion, 1999-2009

A group of individual tourism activists and representatives of civil society groups from six continents, gathered in Istanbul from 28 to 30 August 2014 to discuss human rights, social justice and sustainability concerns in tourism. The outcome of the meeting was the foundation of the Tourism Advocacy and Action Forum as a first step to rebuild an international network and forum for courageous dialogue on tourism impacts and to develop a proactive global tourism advocacy and action platform.
If you endorse TAAF's Istanbul Statement and you are interested in receiving regular information from TAAF, please email the TAAF Secretariat, c/o Equations, at info(at)equitabletourism.org and/or tim-team at timteam02(at)yahoo.com.

Some articles on tourism issues

Tourism & Biodiversity: A Critical Moment, by Alison Johnston, submitted by the International Support Centre for Sustainable Tourism (Canada),Tourism Investigation & Monitoring Team (Thailand), and Third World Network (Malaysia) on occasion of the 12th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP12) to the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) in Pyeongchang, South Korea, 6 to 17 October 2014.

TAAF message to the World Tourism Organization:
WORLD TOURISM DAY, 27 September 2014 - An Occasion to Evaluate Promises of Community Development

(27 September 2014)

Open Letter to CBD Parties and Secretariat on Tourism and Biodiversity
(24 June 2014)

'Tourism and Water: Make the Human Right to Water a Reality!' A Message to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to mark World Tourism Day 2013, by the Tourism Investigation & Monitoring Team, with support of the International Support Centre for Sustainable Tourism (ISCST), Vancouver/Canada (Sept. 2013)
(Sept 2013)

'Water, Water Everywhere... but soon, not a clean drop to drink', Report on the development and destruction of the Riviera Maya, by Nancy de Rosa, director of SAVE, A.C/Mexico, March 2013.
(Mar 2013)

Tourism: Letís put it back on the Radar - Bringing ethics & conscience back to the CBD process on tourism
by Alison Johnston (Oct 2012)

Statement on occasion of World Tourism Day 2012 (Sept 2012)

Tourism: The Future Our Children Want' by Alison Johnston
by Alison M. Johnston (June 2012)

The politics of tourism, poverty reduction and Sustainable Development
by Anita Pleumarom (May 2012)

Disappearing destinations: climate change and future challenges for coastal tourism
A book reviewed by Anita Pleumarom (April 2011)

Change Tourism, not Climate!
Time is running out for tourism leaders to clear the air

by Anita Pleumarom (Nov 09)

Tourism feels the heat of global warming

'Our world is not for sale!' - The disturbing implications of privatization in the tourism trade [MS-Word]

UK successful in stopping travel to Burma
Asian suppliers feel bullied by European tour operator

The political economy of tourism liberalization, gender and GATS

Caribbean/Barbados tourism liberalization

Capitalizing on political events - the world of opportunities

The hidden costs of the 'new' tourisms - A focus on biopiracy (A. Pleumarom)

Foreign takeover of Thailand's tourism industry - the other face of liberalisation (A. Pleumarom)

Eco-tourism: An ecological and economic trap for third world countries (A. Pleumarom)

A sustainable world through prostitution (A. Pleumarom)

Tourism, globalisation and sustainable development (A. Pleumarom)

Globalisation and tourism: Deadly mix for indigenous peoples (Raymond de Chavez)

The rise and fall of South-East Asian tourism (A. Pleumarom)

Tourism killing world's eighth wonder (M. Malanes)


Global Action Programme to stop irresponsible mega-resort and real estate developments

Campaign on the International Year of Ecotourism

Boycott the Beach: The Bulldozer Movie by the Justice for Maya Bay International Alliance






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